Virtual Office Spaces

Bizservices services, give you the flexibility to grow your business while avoiding unnecessary overhead. We provide Virtual Office Space and  Workspace; fully serviced office space, shared office space,  and conference room and meeting rooms, Management of Mails, Emails, Faxes and Couriers, Prestigious city  Business Address, Telephone answering, Social Media Management, Allocated Personal Assistant, Reception services with a dedicated telephone enhancing your productivity and enriching the business. 



Virtual office, Serviced offices, shared office spaces, conference/meeting rooms:

Your workspace is the first impression on clients about your business. So present your business in a professionally furnished office spaces available with us.  Our serviced offices are fully equipped with office furniture, telephone lines, and computers, Internet facilities etc.   Our Offices are designed for you to move in start right away.

Use our equipped offices as meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms or as a training room to have your business meetings or host seminars. Our meeting rooms are serviced by a dedicated support team and catering other extra facilities like; LCD Projectors, Internet, Whiteboards and markers etc.

Management of virtual mails, emails, faxes, and couriers:

Concentrate on core-business while we handle the minor phases of your business.  We digitize your mails according to prioritized times by you; scan and send it right on to your email. Access mails, emails and faxes from where ever you are – In a business meeting or a family vacation thousand miles away.  We don’t just stop from there. We can also act on behalf of your above jobs. Deposit a cheque, Settle an invoice, courier a document? No problem it’s our business. We are always at your service.

Prestigious virtual city business address

Get a real business address or PO Box from Sri Lanka or UK to utilize on your business cards.  Let the ‘Address to impress the business’!

Virtual telephone answering

A missed call could be loss to your business. We at Bizservices have effectively set up structure and our staff to benefit your business. Your phone calls will be answered promptly and dealt with according to your wishes either forwards the same to another number or the message to be taken. Your Messages will be taken in two different time frames both Sri Lankan and UK times between 8.00 AM to 18.00 PM.

Allocated virtual personal assistant and  virtual reception services

 A series of reception services whether to answer your calls in your company name and transfer to your office, mobile, or to anywhere in the world.  Whether it’s cold calling, customer service, schedule appointments, book your calendar, or make follow-up calls to potential clients, our virtual assistants are trained to have a wealth of skills and willingness to prosper your business when and how you need administrative assistance.

No matter what level or complexity of assistance you require, Bizservices provides the appropriate level of administrative support. Once you start thinking of all the ways that a virtual assistant will help make your work more efficient and easier, ensuring the success because transparency and confidentiality is key with the service is from heart.

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