Why outsourcing?

Two key factors that a business must consider that are required to operate its functionalities to the optimum level with projected results are technology and skills. In the light of technology advancement, a business has the opportunity to maximize their profits through shifting office locations. With an innovated technology, the actual location of the office is becoming no longer important especially with its back office and call centre operations.

According to IPD UK, the world leader for real estate and property management, the average cost to office occupiers of accommodating a full time employee in the UK rose up to 4,638GBP per annum in 2013. For a UK office with 100 employees, this means 463,800GBP is spent each year on accommodating its employees.

Skills required by employees are also a key factor that would certainly determine the quality of the service that a business provides to its customers. Skills could be learned through a process and can be mold to suit the needs of a business. In fact, skills learnt through such process could be profitable.

These two reasons have mainly imposed many businesses in the UK to have outsourcing partners who would run their business or part of their business, yet achieving the results with more cost savings.



Our Strategy

Our aim is to provide our Clients with a Service that would support their primary business objectives. We would provide them with an enhanced technology background that is fit to run their business without any interruptions but with more value additions with a significant cost saving.

We follow through a strict screening process when selecting our staffs and regular trainings are conducted to improve the level of service provided to the end user. We believe skills are learned through a quality training environment and we encourage our staff to gain all necessary experience and skills to be ahead of the competition. 

We provide our expertise in the following areas.

  1. Call Centre Management.
  2. Email Centre Management.
  3. Out of office Assistance Services. (email and telephony)
  4. Virtual Personal Assistant Services. (PAs to Senior Management / Departmental Seniors etc.)
  5. Back office (Admin based) Operation Services.

Call Centre Management

Our call centre based in Colombo is equipped with the latest VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology and latest machineries to provide a quality service to our Clients. We have number of tariffs available that suits to your business.

Email Centre Management

We understand confidentiality of your business is paramount. Therefore our Clients would have the option of providing us with their own machineries such as desktops or using ours. There are number of tariffs available that suits to your business.

Out of office Assistance

You surely do not want to miss an opportunity of an important telephone call or an email.  Our Out of Office Assistance (OOA) service would take care of your business when you can have peaceful evening / weekend. Your end users would not feel a difference, when they are being served us - thousands of miles away.

Virtual Personal Assistance Service

Hiring a PA could be more expensive and find a suitable one is more difficult. We have especially trained Senior Management PAs available just on the other side of the world, yet serving from a few feet away from you. Make the most of the technology.

Back office Admin Services

Leave the traditional admin tasks to be dealt by the latest technology. All your non-customer facing admin tasks can now be dealt by us. Let’s start working smart, giving a more cost saving to your business. We have number of different tariffs available that suits to your business. We have number of different tariffs available that suits to your business.