2015 Project: II Manioc ‘Dansala’

Bizservices team having organized their first ‘Dansala’ in the year 2014 May, continued the good deed for the coming years.

The team with the immense support from their CEO Mr.Ranga Perera organized the second continuous ‘Manioc/ Cassava Dansala’ in the year 2015.

Same like the previous year the team gained support from all villages this time extending their offer Manioc of 1150 Kg’s. The Manioc was served with Coconut Sambol which were all made by the villagers and the team. The food was served in a leaf called ‘Kanda Kola’ so that the environment too is not harmed by plastic plates.

More than 2000 people were fed by the given food and the opening of the alms-stall was done by the Mayor of Sri jayawardenpura Kotte Hon. Janaka Ranawaka.


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2016 Project: Flood Relief Campaign

Beginning on the 14 May 2016, a low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal caused torrential rain to fall across Sri Lanka, causing floods and landslides which affected half a million people.

People who were affected by the floods were in need of immediate relief and help in the resettlement process. Bizservices team lend a hand for the people in need despite the age.

Clothes, dry rations, sanitary items, bed sheets, pillows and more importantly mineral water was donated the affected.

The team visited the affected areas themselves in order to do the donations.

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2014 Project: Yoghurt ‘Dansala’

Being the former Legal Advisory for Havelock City Council Mr. Ranga Perera organized the first Yoghurt ‘Dansala’ in the year 2011.

The event continued for three more consecutive years and the council members including Mr.Perera started event by first observing the religion and getting blessings from the Havelock City Sama Vihara Monk Ven. Athapaththukande Ananda Thero.

The event was an immense success serving more than 130,000 yoghurts to more than 3500 people.

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2014 Project: Manioc ‘Dansala’

Vesak is the season which is respectably celebrated by Buddhists all over the world to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. During this period, numerous seasonal activities such as the display of Vesak lanterns, decorative pandals, largely decorated temples and houses and many more interesting attractions.
It is during this time of year that the roads are filled with people who stare in awe and wonder of the Vesak. The existence of a variety of ‘Dansal’ or alms-giving stalls provide a massive social service during the Vesak.

Bizservices team organized their first ‘Dansala’ in the year 2014 May.

The process included the help of the villages of Delkanda, Nugegoda area where the company head office of Sri Lanka is situated. With the help of the villagers, the team prepared 800 KG’s of Manioc/Cassava including a coconut sambol ; a unique Sri Lankan cuisine in order to be serviced for people free.

The aim of the team was to satisfy anyone’s hunger (a starving passer-by or even a passing VIP in a car) which can even be applicable to animals like passing dogs and cats.

The event was a huge success with the participation of more than 1500 people. The opening of the alms-giving stall was done by the CEO Mr.Ranga Perera and the food was served to people by the team.


2013 Project: Saving cattle from Slaughterhouse II

Bizservices with the immense support from the company CEO Ranga Perera took another step in the year 2013 on saving 12 cattle including calves from slaughterhouse destined to the ‘Butcher’s knife’.
Likewise, in the first year the team donated the cattle to 12 other families in the same village at ‘Nelumgama’.
The team also witnessed how the previous dozens of cattle were grazing happily subdue to their saved lives. The villages too had organized a ‘Pirith Deshana’ to welcome and bless the Bizservices team with the village monk.


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2013 Project: Lending a hand to ‘Differently Abled’

Differently abled individuals are an integral part of our society and the classification “Differently Abled” includes the visually, hearing, physically intellectually and those who have multiple impairments.

We at Bizservices took our first steps in 2013 to lend a hand to each of them to develop their potential. Our collective vision was to achieve lasting results together, and see significant outcomes with the money we give.

During the year 2013, Mr.Ranga Perera was made conversant on a ‘need of toilet facilities’ for a home for differently abled children by Mr.Nelu Fernando the Chairperson for one of the leading advertising companies of Sri Lanka. The Madiwela home shelters more than 34 children with Down’s Syndrome.

The washrooms attached to thedormitories which were constructed over years ago were in a complete dilapidated state. Including refurbishment, the home needed extra dormitory washrooms where funds were donated in order to facilitate the home with two extra dormitory washrooms.

On the day of donation the home welcomed the sponsors Mr.Ranga Perera and Mr.Nelu Fernando with a welcome program with several activities by the differently abled children.

According to the team it was a great day to remember!

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2012 Project: Saving cattle from Slaughterhouse

Ranga Perera is the CEO of Bizservices.LK (Private) Limited which is a business venture facilitating different services. Being a lawyer and down to earth human, Ranga Perera is strictly against animal slaughter and reprobates who engage in it as business.

Mr.Perera said his first release of cattle was in 2012 with 12 cattle destined to slaughterhouse. He implied It was his father (who had also been a lawyer by profession) and his rural upbringing that encouraged him to deplete on charity.

The only way to save a cow is to actually buy them at market price. The families at ‘Nelumgama’ use the donated cattle as their main source of income. They sell the cow’s milk to village markets and use these animals for different other purposes like cultivations. Not only save cattle destined to death but Mr.Perera and his team flourish the lives of poor families who cannot thank them enough.

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