Lanterns of different shades, sizes and shapes are accentuated by the colors of the Buddhist flag. The aroma of food spurts the air and strokes the taste buds of the passerby. There are long queues of people by the side of the road, the young and old waiting patiently for their turn. The setting is a ‘Dansala’, or an ‘Alms Hall’ where people are treated to food that is served generously, free of charge.

Putting together a ‘Manioc/Cassava’ Dansala is not a simple task. Bizservices team having organized their first and second ‘Dansal’ in the year 2014 and 2015 May, continued this good deed for the third consecutive year.

This involves a sizeable amount of money and a large quantity of food, it is generally organised by the help and support from the villagers of Meegahawatta; where Bizservices Sri Lankan office is located. This demands a great deal of work not only in organising the nitty-gritty of things but more in getting the exact amount of provisions since cooking is done in large quantities.

Improving success over the years the third year the team was able to offer Manioc of more than 1500 Kg’s served to more than 3000 passing by people.

The stall was opened for people by the Mayor of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Hon.Janaka Ranawaka and the Bizservices team. The teams’ only wish is to continue this generous project for many more years to come.


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2016 Project: III Manioc / Cassava ‘Dansala’

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